Classic Car Title Loans

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Classic Car Title Loans are one of our specialties. There are several characteristics that make classic cars very good candidates for title loans. For one, most classic cars do not depreciate like late model cars. They are either appreciating, or relatively flat in value. Additionally, most owners do not drive them every day; so the mileage doesn’t increase each year nearly as much as a car driven every day. 

This further contributes to maintaining the value of the classic car.  The fact that they maintain their value makes classic car title loans very easy to get with Fast Title Lenders. With no pre-set limit, borrow what you need based on vehicle value and ability to repay the loan. Get the fast cash you need today using your classic car title. 

Can I get a Title Loan on an Old Car?

Most lenders have a year cutoff for the cars they will lend on. This is usually 10 or 15 years; this means getting a loan on a classic car with them is not an option. There are also lenders that will lend on any car; literally any car. These lenders usually have very high rates to make up for the risk lending on a car worth $100 or less.  This is not how we operate, which allows us to offer title loans with low interest rates. It is one of the reasons we are the best title loan company. We provide auto title loans, wit no pre-payment penalties, for any year vehicle with enough value to lend against.  

Why we Lend on Classic Cars

Our focus when making a loan is on the value of the vehicle.  Many classic cars have a significant amount of value, which makes them great for a title loan.  Combine that with the fact that we have no pre set limit on the amount we lend, makes classic car title loans one of our specialties. We also offer online title loans for classic cars. 

How much will a Classic Car Title Loan Give Me?

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The amount of the title loan is directly related to the amount of equity in the vehicle; which is the fair market value of the classic car. We lend up to 50% of the vehicle’s fair market value. Getting an accurate value of a classic car can be challenging. There are valuation companies that will provide an estimate. Haggerty for example, specializes in pricing and insuring collector vehicles. 

Once you determine the vehicle value, use or title loan calculator to figure out a loan amount and term.  Find one that results in a monthly payment that meets you expense requirement and fits your budget. If you are new to title loans, read our complete guide on how to get a title loan. It covers how to determine whether or not you make a good candidate and provides the process for determining the right loan amount.  

Make it a Positive Classic Car Title Loan Experience

Classic Car Title loans can be a positive experience, or, in some cases, a negative experience. Many of those who have had a negative experience with a title loan can usually attribute it to one of two factors. Poor treatment by the lender; and/or not understanding the cost of the loan. We prefer customers to have a positive experience by excelling in customer service and providing all cost (and process) information up front before getting a title loan. Our title loan calculator is a great example; we were the first lender to provide an accurate calculator that shows car title loan costs. Providing lower costs and clearer terms leads to the best title loans

How much do Classic Car Title Loans cost?

Classic car title loans cost the same as any other title loan for Fast Title Lenders. We offer the lowest rate title loans at a fraction of the cost of larger lenders. Additionally, we provide cost transparency and give every customer an accurate quote. This means you can find out how much your loan will cost before you apply. Simply use our classic car title loan calculator for a real time quote.

Our auto title loans are monthly term loans, meaning you make payments each month. A portion of each payment is applied to the principal. Understanding how title loan interest works makes it easier to understand repayment terms.  

How to get a Classic Car Title Loan

The process for getting a classic car title loan with fast Title Lenders is the same as a car title loan.  First, make sure you meet the car title loan requirements.  Then, fill out our easy online application.  From there, the process is the same for a classic car or any other car. Once you submit your application we will contact you shortly. 

Can I get a Classic Car Title Loan Online?

Getting a classic car title loan online is easy with several options. These are the same for classic cars as any other car. For online title loans, there are some additional title loan requirements, primarily pictures of the vehicle. For classic car title loans online make sure you have the ability to take pictures of the interior, exterior, and odometer. 

Is the a Credit Check for Classic Car Title Loans?

With a classic car title loan your car is your credit. This means bad credit or no credit is not a problem. The value of the car, combined with the ability to repay the loan, is how the loan amount is determined. This is done quickly, with fast approval and funding for short term emergency cash needs. 

Title Loan Resources

In addition to classic cars we provide title loans for other vehicles. Getting a title loan can be an intimidating process and is usually done as a last resort. Many times it is during a period of major financial stress and dealing with a lender is the last thing you want to do. It is important, however, to understand how car title loans work before getting one. We also recommend learning how title loan interest works, as well as how to get the best deal on a title loan. Simply doing a little research on title loans will put you on a much better position when it comes time to sign the loan agreement.