Last Minute Christmas Shopping Ideas

Today is December 20th, and for those you like me, that haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, here are a few last minute ideas that may be helpful.  Last year I got my shopping done early so didn’t have to worry about getting things last minute, but unfortunately this year I still have a few things to get.  The first idea is one of the easiest: Gift Cards.  You can buy gift cards at a number of stores including grocery stores.  They have a wide selection so you can pick out one that still has a personal touch.  If you are really cutting it close you can buy them on Christmas Eve and sometimes even Christmas Day (check store hours first).  The second tip is to buy from an online retailer.  It is not too late to buy gifts online; but it will be soon so act quickly if you are going to go this route.  You may have to pay a little extra for shipping but sometimes you can have the item gift wrapped and shipped directly to the person if they live out of town.  For those of you who prefer to see what you are buying here is a method that has worked for me in the past.  Make a list of everyone you still need something for, decide what you are going to get them, and then make a single trip to an outlet mall or other shopping center.  If you have a list, stick to it, and don’t window shop you can get this done quickly.  If you are cutting it close you can do this up until the 24th as well.  One final thought, Lottery scratch off tickets can sometimes make a good gift (depending on who you are buying for) that you can purchase at any time.  Good luck to everyone and have a safe and happy holiday season.