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Title Loan Estimate

Title Loan Estimate

Title Loan Estimate – In any other industry an estimate is usually very easy to get. When shopping for just about anything, including loans, lenders advertise their rates and compete with each other. You can go online now and get several competing mortgage estimates and interest rates. Yet, with most title lenders, the only estimate they seem willing to give you is what your car may be worth. Their interest rates seem secret, probably because most are very, very high.

When we started Fast Title Lenders, the first thing we did was change this. We provide our rate, and a detailed estimate of the total loan costs including the interest each and every month. We provide an easy way to get a real time title loan estimate, simply use our Title Loan Calculator. The results show you your full payment schedule.

Car title loan costs can vary quite a bit, and can cost thousands in interest if you don’t get a valid title loan estimate from an honest and reputable lender. Some lenders charge very high rates, and do not disclose their rates until you visit them (essentially until its too late). Getting an accurate title loan estimate is important. If a lender will not provide you with one, you may want to contact another lender.

Title Loan Costs – Honesty and Transparency

We were founded on the principles of honesty and transparency, which has helped us gain a reputation as the best title loan company in the nation. Our policy is to operate with full transparency related to our costs. Unlike other lenders, we do not hide our interest rates and we provide an estimate for all customers. This allows them to evaluate whether or not a title loan is right for them. Our goal is to provide the best loan that fits each customer’s needs. A title loan is not the solution for all customers, if you do not have a means of repaying the loan than a title loan is not right for you. We recommend everyone considering a title loan learn how title loans work.

We make it a priority to confirm customers have the ability to repay the loan. This is what makes the Title Loan Estimate so important. An accurate estimate allows them to determine if the monthly payment fits into their budget. If it does, great. If it doesn’t, then a title loan is probably not the right solution to your financial need. There are real alternatives to title loans, not the typical “get a personal loan form a bank” alternatives. We do not make loans that cannot be repaid, that does not do anyone any good and is contrary to the best interest of our customers. Additionally, we provide a detailed explanation of how title loan interest works. We think it is important for customers to understand the terms of a title loan agreement before entering into one.

Car Title Loan Estimate

Fast Title Lenders developed a Title Loan Calculator that provides a full, detailed, estimate of a loan with us including the full payment schedule. The payment schedule includes a breakout of interest and principal payments for each loan amount. You can enter any loan amount and term, and recalculate as many times as needed. Additionally, we have a cost comparison tool for comparing the interest rate from another lender which generates side by side repayment schedules for two loans simultaneously.

A Payment that works for You

Use the Estimator to find a payment schedule that works for you. Make sure the monthly payment fits into your budget, and borrow only what you need. Even with our lowest rate title loans, they are still more expensive when compared to other loan types. Our commitment to transparency and educating our customers, especially about how typical title lenders operate, has contributed to us providing the best title loans. When you’re ready, simply apply online to start the easy title loan process.