Waiting for a Tax Refund?

It is tax time again and hopefully you’re in the category of those expecting a refund versus the other category of having to cut a check to the IRS.  In either case, we may be able to help by providing a title loan.

  1. Expecting a Refund – If you are expecting a refund and need access to the funds now, a car title loan may be an easy way to solve that problem.  Then, when your refund is processed, simply repay the loan in full early.  With no pre-payment penalty, and no loan origination fee, it may be an option worth looking in to.
  1. Owe Taxes – Tax laws changed in 2018, and despite what major media outlets would have you believe there were both winners and losers. The highly touted doubling of the standard deduction was offset by the elimination of several other deductions; including the personal exemption, personal property tax limits, mortgage interest limits, and a litany of other changes.  Unfortunately for some, this may mean you owe money for 2018; perhaps for the first time despite having the same withholding from your pay.  If this is the case, we are here to provide a title loan to help you meet the April 15 deadline.

Regardless of your situation; Fast Title Lenders may be able to provide a short term funding solution.  This solution is simple; a Title Loan from the best title loan company in the area.

Never considered a title loan before and wondering how much you can borrow and how much it will cost?  Visit our site for more details.  Our title loan calculator provides a detailed loan amortization with repayment schedule.  New to the process and want to understand how title loans work?  We have put together several pages including Virginia specific rules and regulations.

Still have questions?  Visit our FAQs page.