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Car Title Loan Cost Comparison

The following calculator allows users to enter any monthly interest rate and loan term to fully compare the monthly payments of two loans.  

It goes a step further than our other car title loan estimate calculator by showing the full amortization of two title loans.  We hope this help with your research on the cost of a title loan to determine if one is right for you.

Step 1: Enter the loan amount you plan on borrowing

Step 2: Enter the interest rate for the loan you want to compare to

Step 3: Click “calculate” and view the results.

The results will show you each month’s payment and how it breaks down into Principal and Interest.  The totals for each are also shown at the bottom of the table.  This information allows you to see how two loans with a different interest rates compare.

Title Loan Cost Comparison Calculator:

Loan Amount:
Enter Competitors Monthly Rate %:
Enter Loan Term in Months:

Title Loan Calculator Results:

Monthly Payment:
Monthly Rate:
Competitor Payment:
Competitor APR:
Monthly Savings:
Total Loan Savings:

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