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Title Loans at the Best Rates

Title loans are the fastest and easiest way to turn the equity in your vehicle into cash when you need it most.  We started Fast Title Lenders to provide a much better option than the typical title lenders that charge very high rates.  If your looking for a better option for a fast title loan, and have a vehicle with equity, we can help with our low rate title loans. By charging a fraction of the rate other lenders charge, we provide the cheapest title loans. Why pay more for the same loan?

Why Title Loans?

When you need cash quickly, with no credit check or lengthy loan process, a title loan may be right for you. Title Loans can be a lifeline for those who own their vehicle and are in need of short term funding. It is, however, important to understand how car title loans work, title loan interest, and how different lenders operate. As a transparent lender, we provide that information throughout our site. 

Our Car Title Loans

Fast Title Lenders specializes in one kind of loan, Car Title Loans, which allows us to provide the lowest interest rates available.  Our philosophy is simple (and different from most lenders):  

  1. Provide the lowest rates possible;
  2. The best customer service;
  3. A real time accurate quote;
  4. Easy payment options, and
  5. Fast approval.

This method works and helps our customers with a solution to their short term financial needs. Use the cash proceeds from a title loan for emergencies, unplanned expenses, or any other reason. 

Title Loan Benefits:

As the best title loan company in the nation, we offer benefits to all of our customers that most lenders cannot match. These include:

  • Easy Online Application
  • Real Time Estimate
  • No Credit Check
  • Keep Driving your Car
  • Pay Online or over the Phone

Fast Title Loans done Better

We understand title loans are a necessity for unplanned expenses and emergencies.  Fast Title Lenders provides same day cash at rates our customers can afford. Our services give fast title loans to customers with a clean, lien free vehicle title. We have a streamlined,  easy title loan process that allows us to provide fast title loans in less than 30 minutes. 

Lower Interest Rates

Looking for a title loan but don’t want to pay back more than double what you borrowed, or even worse, triple?  Tired of paying triple digit interest rates? Lenders charging these very high rates are what prompt people to ask “Are Title Loans Bad?“.  We can help by providing a car title loan with a payment schedule that is reasonable.  We understand that paying more than twice what you borrowed is not reasonable and in many cases not possible. All title loans have pros and cons, but overpaying should be avoided; we can help with that. 

Unlike other lenders that charge very high (200+% APR) rates, we charge 8% per month making our title loans more affordable for everyone with a vehicle and a need for cash quickly for an urgent expense.  Title lenders can try to make it difficult to figure how their costs are calculated. We shed some light on this topic on our title loan costs article.

Find The Best Title Loan Company

Before jumping in to a title loan, we recommend spending some time learning about how title loans work, how interest is calculated, and the pros and cons related to title loans in general.  Additionally, do a bit of research on the lender (whether you choose us or another lender). It is better to educate yourself on title loans before you sign a loan agreement. Finding a lender that is direct and upfront about their costs will give you a better idea of whether or not a title loan is right for you. 

Get an Accurate Title Loan Quote

Fast Title Lenders believes every customer deserves an accurate quote.  With no credit check, the rates are the same for all borrowers.  There is no “qualifying” for our best rate. Honestly, we don’t understand why lenders would make you “qualify” for their best rate. One of the benefits of a car title loan is no credit check; so all borrowers should be treated equally. Get a real time car title loan estimate now, with our best rate, and see if one is right for you. 

The Best Title Loan Company:

There are plenty of companies claiming to be the best.  Fast Title Lenders has a proven history of providing our customers with the best possible interest rates, easy repayment options, and no fees. This equals the best title loans period.  We have spent years refining our business model to provide better service and benefits to our customers that other title loan companies do not; making us the best title loan company in the nation. From applying online to paying online, convenience and low costs are key to our success. These benefits include:

Lowest Interest Rates

We started Fast Title Lenders to provide a better option to the typical title lenders that charge 15% - 25% per month interest. Our interest rate is much much lower, allowing us to provide every customer with the cheapest title loans at a fraction of the cost.


Private and Discrete

Fast Title Lenders does not check credit and your credit score will not be affected when applying for a title loan. We value privacy and discretion and keep your information safe and secure.

Fast Title Loan

Fast and Easy

A title loan is the fastest and easiest way to get cash using the equity in your vehicle. Get cash for emergencies, unplanned expenses, or any other reason. Our streamlined process in most cases only takes about 30 minutes.

Why choose us for your Title Loans:

Fast Title Lenders has spent the last several years refining our business model to become the best title loan company in the nation.  We listen to our customers, and have incorporated their feedback to offer the following advantages:

1. Low Interest – We keep our expenses low and pass that savings on to the customer; therefor ensuring we provide every customer with the cheapest title loan possible. We pioneered charging lower rates and our 8% per month rate is hard to beat.  Other lenders advertise “low Rates”, in our case it is true. 

2. No Games – We are straightforward, direct, and upfront. Our philosophy involves providing our customers with the information they need up front.  We provide a real time title loan estimate with our title loan calculator. We give every customer the information they need to make the right decision, even when that decision is not a title loan.  

3. Reputable lender – We care about our reputation and are committed to providing our customers with the solution that best fits their needs. 

4. No fees – There are no hidden fees of any kind; no loan origination fee, no pre-payment penalty.  Whether you choose us or another lender, make sure you understand any fees associated with your title loan. 

4. Savings – Our average loan is $4,000; which results in a savings of over $200 a month on a 12 month loan. That is a total savings of over $2,400 using 15% per month (180% APR) as the rate our competitors charge (some charge even more).

View our 5 Star Reviews and see what are customers are saying about us.

Looking for a the best place to get a title loan, with the lowest payments?  See us for your next car title loan. No time to visit us? Take a look at our Title Loans Online.

Frequent Questions:

A lien free title is a title to a vehicle with no existing loans.  Typically, “No Liens” will be printed on the front of the title.  If you had a car loan (or car title loan) at one time and paid it; the lien may be listed on the front of the title stating it has been satisfied.  

Generally, title loans are limited to 50% of the vehicle’s fair market value.  This assumes you can afford the monthly payments.  If your vehicle is worth $6,000, generally you can borrow up to $3,000.  If your vehicle is worth $80,000, generally you can borrow up to $40,000.  

A vehicle’s fair market value is what the vehicle is worth today to a willing buyer.  We suggest using either Kelley Blue Book or NADA to get an estimate.  

Yes.  One of the biggest advantages of a title loan is you get to keep driving your vehicle.

We tell all of our customers to contact us as soon as they know they are going to miss a payment.  If you miss a payment it is important to let us know and get back on track as soon as possible.

Yes, as long as you let us know (and the buyer/dealer).  We have worked with many customers who traded their vehicle in before their loan was paid off.  

Title Loans - Online Options

Car Title Loans have been slow to catch up with technology. Additionally, finding a direct lender can be difficult. Online title loans are now available in many states.  Simply fill out our online application to stat the process.  There are many companies advertising “instant online title loans“. We are one of the fastest lenders and pride ourselves on quickly funding loans, but they are not instant; no title loan is.

Title Loans - Costs

Title loan costs can quickly add up. One of the reasons title loans have a negative stigma is because of the very high rates most lenders charge.  We developed our Title Loan Calculator to provide every customer with the full details about the cost of a loan with us. 

Title Loans - Speed

Faster is better, but faster and cheaper is best. We provide same day cash, in most cases about 30 minutes. Want to make sure your title loan goes smoothly? Make sure you meet the title loan requirements before applying.

Vehicle Value Information:

It is important to know the fair market value of your vehicle; this is the key factor in determining how much you can borrow.  A car title loan is secured by your vehicle, so the value of your vehicle will absolutely affect the amount you can borrow.

Find out what your car is really worth before you apply so you know what to expect. If you haven’t checked your vehicle’s value now may be a good time to do so.

A vehicle’s fair market value is what a willing buyer would pay for the vehicle today.  Mileage and condition are the two biggest factors that will have an affect on the vehicle value.