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Car Title Loans

Title loans are the fastest and easiest way to turn the equity in your vehicle into cash.  Fast Title Lenders specializes in Car Title Loans at the lowest interest rates available.  Our philosophy is simple:  Provide the lowest rates possible, with the best customer service, easy payment options, and instant online approval.  This method works and helps our customers with a solution to their short term financial problems.

Looking for a title loan but don’t want to pay back more interest than what you borrowed?  We can help with with our low rate discount title loans.  Get fast access to cash using your vehicle, the same day, with no credit check.  Fill out the online title loan application for instant approval. 


Lowest Interest Rates

We started Fast Title Lenders to provide a better option to the typical title lenders that charge 15% - 22% per month interest. Our interest rate is much lower, allowing us to provide every customer with the cheapest title loans.

Private and Discrete

Fast Title Lenders does not check credit, your credit score will not be affected when applying for a title loan. We value privacy and discretion and keep your information safe and secure.

Fast Title Loans

Fast and Easy

A title loan is the fastest and easiest way to get cash using the equity in your vehicle. Get cash for emergencies, unplanned expenses, or any other reason. Our streamlined process includes instant approval and only takes about 30 minutes.

Car Title Loan Information:

The first question when shopping for a title loan is usually “how much can I borrow?”  While this is important; perhaps even more important is “how much will this cost me?”  

Use the quick calculator below for a real-time estimate of your monthly payment; or, for more information, use our Car Title Loan Calculator

Quick Title Loan Calculator:

Loan Amount:
Enter Competitors Monthly Rate %:
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Monthly Payment:
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Monthly Savings:
Total Loan Savings:
See the Car Title Loan Calculator for a full amortization of the loan.

 It is important to understand how title loan interest works to prepare yourself for repaying the loan.  This will make sure there are no surprises.  It also helps understand how any loan works.  Amortization is not complicated, but does require some basic concepts. 

Ready to move forward?  Fill out the quick and easy application and we’ll contact you shortly.  Still need more information?  Keep reading…we try to answer all questions about how title loans work and provide you with the information you need to decide if one is right for you.

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Title Loan Process:

Apply Online

Fill out the easy online application to start the process. Get your paperwork together and make sure you meet the requirements.

Get Approved

Approval is easy with no credit check. Loan amounts are based on the equity in your vehicle and ability to repay. Borrow what you need with no limit.

Get cash quickly with a Title Loan

Get your Cash

Receive your proceeds from your title loan; usually the same day. Most of the time the process takes about 30 minutes.

Title Loan Requirements:

Getting a title loan with us is easy.  The loan amount is based on the vehicle value and your ability to repay the loan.  We work with every customer to make sure we provide a loan that is affordable.  When applying online make sure you have:

  1. A lien free title
  2. Valid drivers license
  3. Proof of insurance
  4. Proof of income
Depending on the value of the loan, full coverage insurance may be required.  If you have a vehicle with a significant amount of equity, it is likely you already carry full coverage insurance to protect your investment.  If not, it can be added quickly if necessary. Learn more about title loan requirements.

What makes us different?

Fast Title Lenders is the best title loan company and we offer the following advantages:

1. Low Interest – We keep our expenses low and pass that savings on to the customer; therefor ensuring we provide every customer with the cheapest title loan possible.

2. No Games – We are straightforward and upfront.  

2. Reputable lender – We care about our reputation and are committed to providing our customers with the solution that best fits their needs.

3. No fees – There are no hidden fees of any kind; no loan origination fee, no lien fee.

4. Savings – Our average loan is $4,000; which results in a savings of over $200 a month on a 12 month loan. That is a total savings of over $2,400 using 15% per month (180% APR) as the rate our competitors charge (some charge even more).

View our 5 Star Reviews and see what are customers are saying about us.

Looking for a the best place to get a title loan, with the lowest payments?  See us for your next loan.

Frequent Questions:

A lien free title is a title to a vehicle with no existing loans.  Typically, “No Liens” will be printed on the front of the title.  If you had a car loan (or car title loan) at one time and paid it; the lien may be listed on the front of the title stating it has been satisfied.  

Generally, title loans are limited to 50% of the vehicle’s fair market value.  This assumes you can afford the monthly payments.  If your vehicle is worth $6,000, generally you can borrow up to $3,000.  If your vehicle is worth $80,000, generally you can borrow up to $40,000. 

A vehicle’s fair market value is what the vehicle is worth today to a willing buyer.  We suggest using either Kelley Blue Book or NADA to get an estimate.  

Yes.  One of the biggest advantages of a title loan is you get to keep driving your vehicle.

We tell all of our customers to contact us as soon as they know they are going to miss a payment.  If you miss a payment it is important to let us know and get back on track as soon as possible.

Yes, as long as you let us know (and the buyer/dealer).  We have worked with many customers who traded their vehicle in before their loan was paid off.  

Interest Rate Information:

The interest rates for title loans in VA and many states are quoted in monthly terms instead of the usual APR.  This can be confusing, it is important to understand how title loan interest works.

Title Loan APR – make sure you understand the difference between monthly and annual percentage rates.  Once that is clear, then learn how each loan is amortized to get a detailed understanding of how your payments will be applied each month.  Knowing this information before you get a loan will help you evaluate different title loan estimates and interest rates.

Cost Related information:

We developed the title loan calculator to make it easier for our customers to find out exactly what their costs are. This includes providing our customer’s with a title loan quote, APR, payment schedule, and interest rate online in real time. 

Want an accurate Title Loan Quote?  Use our calculator. The amortized payment schedule displayed is the same one we use in our loan agreements.

Need to compare lenders? Use the comparison calculator to compare two loans at the same time.

Vehicle Value Information:

It is important to know the fair market value of your vehicle; this is the key factor in determining how much you can borrow.  A car title loan is secured by your vehicle, so the value of your vehicle will absolutely limit the amount you can borrow.

Find out what your car is really worth before you apply so you know what to expect.

A vehicle’s fair market value is what a willing buyer would pay for the vehicle today.  Mileage and condition are the two biggest factors that will have an affect on the vehicle value.