Title Loans

Looking for the best title loans and information? Title loans are available for a variety of vehicles in many states. This allows auto owners to borrow money, quickly, using the equity in the vehicle as collateral instead of credit score or history. 

Title loans can be costly, especially if you choose a lender that charges very high rates or extends the loan for a long period. Looking for an online title loan but don’t want to pay back more interest than what you borrowed?  Lower rates equal lower payments for the same loan. Why pay more? 

Once you’ve decide the title loan is worth it, then figure out the optimal monthly payment and repayment period. Obviously, make sure the monthly payment is affordable. Title loans are secured loans, so your vehicle can be repossessed if you default on the loan. 

If you cannot afford to repay the loan do not proceed with getting one. This will only complicate your situation further instead of solving a problem.  

Types of Title Loans

Title loans fall into several categories and can be for several types of different vehicles. Find out more about each type of vehicle title loan below, including requirements, process, and other important related information. 

Car Title Loans

Car title loans are the cost common type of auto title loan. The reality is that they don’t have to be costly, complicated, or difficult. 

Finding the best title loan company can make it easy to get a car title loan to cover any emergency expense or need for short term cash. 

Find out more about Car Title Loans and what makes us the best car title loan place. 

Classic Car Title Loans

Classic cars can have a significant amount of value or equity in them. Some lenders have arbitrary year cutoffs which can make it difficult to get a loan on a classic car. 

Have a classic car that you don’t want to sell? We understand many classic cars are very difficult to replace. A title loan is a way to use the equity in the car to generate money quickly without having to sell it. 

Considering many classic cars appreciate in value we also understand wanting to keep them. Classic car title loans let you borrow against the equity and keep the car. 

Find out more about Classic Car Title Loans and what makes us the best place to get a classic car title loan.

Motorcycle Title Loans

Motorcycles can also be used for auto title loans assuming you have a free and clear title. This allows you to use your motorcycle title to get the cash you need when you need it most. 

Get a motorcycle title loan online with a fast and easy application and same day funding.  

Find out more about Motorcycle Title Loans.

Truck Title Loans

Trucks can also be used for auto title loans. In fact, some trucks have a significant amount of equity, making them excellent title loan candidates. 

One challenge with truck title loans is related to how a work truck may be titled. In some cases owners have work trucks titled in the business name. Title loans are short term personal loans, so this can cause a problem in some states. 

In these cases, the truck will need to be titled in your name, and not the business name.  

Find out more about Truck Title Loans.

Online Title Loans

More financial services can be completed online today. Each of the different types of auto title loans mentioned can be completed online. 

This includes cars, motorcycles, trucks, and classic cars. Most online title loans can be done fast and easy. 

Types of online title loans include both 24 hour and same day title loans. Funding timeframes can be a critical factor especially for emergency expenses. 

Find out more about how to get a car title loan online.

Title Loan Information:

Having the right information is important when shopping for the best title loan. Fast Title Lenders provides several informational pages including:

Title Loan Requirements

All vehicle title loans have specific requirements that borrowers need to meet prior to obtaining the loan. These requirements usually include a lien free title, valid ID, proof of insurance, and other lender and vehicle specific items. 

Prior to applying for a loan make sure to review the requirements and be sure you can meet them. We recommend collecting the necessary information and documents and putting them in a single place to make the process easier. 

Find out more about what is required for a Title Loan.

Title Loan Process

The title loan process is streamlined and optimized to facilitate fast and easy title loans. It starts with an instant online application, then the loan is approved, and finally funded. 

Following loan funding you make your payments. After the final payment you get your title back. This is a very quick explanation of the process; for more information review it in detail. 

Find out more about the process for getting a title loan.

Title Loan Refinance

Title loans can be expensive loans, especially if little time was spent to find the best deal. Getting stuck in a very high interest loan is no fun. 

In these cases, consider a title loan refinance to lower the total cost and monthly payment. Finding a lender with a lower rate can help you save on repayment.

Find out more about a Title Loan Refinance.

Title Loan Calculator

Finding title loan costs can be a challenge. This is the primary reason we developed the car title loan calculator. The easy to use tool allows you to enter any loan amount, 24/7, and get a real time estimate. Details include the full payment schedule estimate.  

Find out more about the Title Loan Calculator.