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Car Title Loans

  • Fast and Easy
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  • Keep Driving your Car
  • Your Car is your Credit

Get the best car title loans with the help of Fast Title Lenders. Our experience and expertise allow us to focus on providing the information car title lenders won’t. Get the best information to help get the fastest title loan possible. Lower interest rates equal lower payments for the same loan, why pay more? 

If you own your vehicle and need a car title loan at a better rate then you are in the right place. Our knowledge in this area is what make us one of the best title loan companies.

What is a Car Title Loan?

When searching for the best car title loan it is important to understand both what a car title loan is, and, just as important, what one is not. A car title loan is a way to borrow money using the equity in your vehicle as collateral. It is not a long term solution to a financial problem.

Car title loans are secured loans. This means your car’s value is used to determine the loan amount; not your credit score. This is a benefit for those with less than perfect credit.

These loans are also known as title pawns, auto title loans, vehicle equity loans, and pink slip loans, among others.  These other names are often used to describe the same, or very similar, type of loan.  

Trying to make them a long term loan often results in excessive costs and a loan that is very difficult to repay. Use the car title loan estimate calculator to compare different loan terms to see this illustrated first hand.

Is a Car Title Loan the Right Choice?

Sometimes, a car title loan is not the best option for your situation. Some title loan companies may make it seem like these loans are the answer to all your financial problems; this is simply not the case.

Before moving forward with any car title loan, take the time to make sure it is the right choice for your specific situation. Don’t rush into the loan without thinking it through and exploring all possible alternatives.

In fact, in some cases a car title loan can make your financial situation worse. This is the last thing you want, so take the time to prepare properly and perform a cost benefit analysis.

Always make sure the benefits received from getting a car title loan outweigh the cost of repayment. If they don’t, then a title loan is probably not the right choice for your situation.

Car Title Loan Criteria

To help determine if a car title loan is a reasonable choice for your situation there are certain criteria you can use. When these criteria are met then you may be considered a good candidate for the loan. Find out more about what makes a good candidate.

Additionally, the car plays a major role in whether or not the loan makes sense. Late model vehicles are easier to qualify with, but it is also possible to get a title loan on an older vehicle if it has enough value.

Fast and Easy

Fast Title Lenders does our best to provide enough information to make the process fast and easy. We provide information to help properly evaluate and prepare for a car title loan. 

The proper preparation helps you decide whether or not the loan makes sense. An easy loan is one that is also easy to repay.

As secured loans, the vehicle is collateral, meaning making payments in a timely manner is critical to keeping your car. A default can result in repossession.

Get a Better Loan

What many borrowers don’t know is that you can negotiate a title loan. You do not have to accept the first offer. If the lender you’re working with won’t negotiate, then find another.

In most cases simply being willing to walk out of a loan is enough to persuade the lender to offer a better rate. This is one of the best ways to get a lower rate title loan and save on interest costs.

How to get a Car Title Loan – Process Overview

The typical car title loan process consists of several steps:

Apply for a car title loan
Get Approved for a car title loan
Get Approved
Loan terms for a car title loan
Finalize Terms
Get cash for a car title loan
Get Cash

With the best title loan company the process in fast and easy, especially for online title loans without an inspection. The process starts with an application. The application is processed and either approved or denied. Then the loan terms are finalized, and finally the loan is funded.

Benefits if Finding the Best Title Loan Company

Taking the time necessary to find the best title loan company is worth it. Some of the benefits include:

Fast Title Loans

Fast Title Loans

Car title loans are often used for time sensitive situations where speed is important. Learn how to get a fast online title loan. Get the cash you need fast by preparing.

Easy Application

Fast Loan Approval

Ready to move forward?  Simply fill out an easy online inquiry.  There is no fee, no credit check, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Same Day Cash

Cash Fast

Once you apply and complete the process your loan is funded quickly.  Online title loans can often be completed the same day. 

Finding the Best Car Title Loan Place:

Smartphone with a starting point and directions to the closest title loan place.
Take the time to find the best car title loan place with the best solution for your situation.

Finding the best place for your loan means finding the right lender with the right solution for your situation. Ideally the lender will have a location near you, but with a title loan without the car location is not nearly as important.

Interest rates and fees vary from lender to lender; and in many cases the difference can be significant. This makes finding the right company with the best solution a priority. The best title loan with the best deal near you is the ideal solution.

Differences Between Car Title Loan Lenders – How to find the Best

Interest rates and fees can and do vary quite a bit between lenders. This makes your choice of a lender an important one. This choice can make the difference between having a good experience and a bad one.

Finding the best loan helps make sure you solve your short term financial difficulties, versus creating a longer term problem. The right car title loan can help you solve problems, versus the opposite.

On the other hand, the wrong loan, with very high rates, can lead to a bad experience that only compounds your short term problems and turns them into a long term issue.  Always find out the cost details before moving forward.

Benefits of finding the Best Car Title Loan Place:

There are several benefits of finding the best car title loan place, including:

1. Speed – Car title loans are one of the fastest ways to borrow money rapidly using your vehicle. 

2. Privacy – Assuming you choose a decent lender, they should respect your privacy. Make sure to let the lender know privacy is important to you.

3. Credit – Loan amounts are based on vehicle value, making a bad credit car title loan possible.

4. Easy – The paperwork and related requirements are fairly easy when compared to other loans. 

5. Keep your Car – Unlike pawning your car, you keep and continue to drive your car.

The final benefit is a combination of these which results in the best online title loans.

Car Title Loans should be Financial Solutions, not Problems

Please take the time to make sure you end up with a solution and not a bigger problem.  Read information about how these loans work and get several quotes from several lenders. 

Finding the best place for your loan is important as well as ensuring your title loan is affordable. Likewise, getting an affordable loan is critical to being able to make the payments on time.

Terms and interest rates can vary significantly from lender to lender making it essential to do your research before signing a loan agreement. Additionally keep in mind the effects inflation may have on the loan.

We specialize in providing accurate information relating to car title loans, how they work, risks and benefits, and costs. This is key to being able to determine whether or not one can be a solution for your short term financial needs. Learn more about Fast Title Lenders and what makes us title loan experts.

Sometimes a title loan can be refinanced, and some of these loans cannot be refinanced, so getting the best loan the first time is critical to ensuring your payments are affordable over the loan term. Your vehicle is collateral for the loan so making your payments should be a priority.

How much can I borrow, versus How much will this cost?

Car title loan amount versus cost - How much can I borrow?, How much will this cost?
Total Loan Cost is important to take into account.

Many title lenders try to keep you focused on the first question when looking for a title loan, which is usually “how much can I borrow?”  While this is important when you have an emergency expense to cover, it is definitely not the only question you need to ask.  

Some lenders will keep your attention focused on getting the “maximum” or “max” for your car regardless of the cost. Visit lenders’ sites and you will find plenty “How much Cash can I get?” forms promising to get you the most cash for your car. 

As you search for car title loans we’re sure you’ve seen sites plastered with forms to fill in for “Instant” or “60 second” cash for your car title. If it seems like it may not be right, it probably isn’t.

The problem with this is, most of the time, these same sites, trying to get you the “most cash”, don’t spend any time on a much more important question, “how much will this cost me?” 

When you visit lenders’ sites it is more difficult to find “Here are our costs”. When you finally find this information it can be and often is difficult to decipher. 

Our Title Loan Calculator Answers this Question

We decided that providing cost related details was critical to the process of informing title loan customers.

Car title loans are not inexpensive, trying to hide this cost behind fine print or complicated terms does not inspire confidence. It can also lead to customers entering into loans they cannot repay; which is not good for any party.

So we built our title loan calculator to allow customers to find out how much they can borrow and how much it will cost. The calculator provides a real-time estimate of the monthly payment and the full real time repayment schedule. This information is critical to making an informed decision.

As a general rule, if the loan costs you significantly more than double what you borrowed over a 12 month term, you are probably paying too much with a lender charging very high rates.  

Same Day Car Title Loan Service:

As mentioned, time is often a critical factor for many borrowers. This makes getting a loan the same day very important in some cases. 24 Hour Car title loans are available online and can be started any time. The key to getting one funded fast is having all information ready when applying.

24H in Red text next to a stopwatch.
Same Day car Title Loans can be completed fast in less than 24 Hours

Just remember that approval times and funding times are different. Even the fastest title loans take time to fund.

There is no such thing as an “Instant” or “60-second” car title loan that is actually funded in that timeframe. If time is a deciding factor make sure to find out about title loans that can be approved instantly and funded by direct deposit.

Also keep in mind that many times interest rates are quoted in monthly terms instead of the more common APR.  This means a 15% monthly rate loan has an APR of 180%.  

Our detailed guide on title loan interest explains how interest accrues and is calculated. Further, our calculator provides a real-time same day title loan quote.

Locations Near You:

Car title loans commonly accompany emergencies and urgent expenses that need immediate attention. 

This makes finding a title loan near you, or the closest lender, your first instinct. For online loans this often translates to the first search result.

Often, customers simply search for car title loans near them and visit the closest lender without doing any research.

A common assumption is that all title lenders are the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

In these cases, if you have already completed a title loan with high rates, you may want to consider refinancing the title loan with a lender with lower interest rates.

When to Avoid the Closest Location:

The key reason to avoid a search for the car title loan location closest to you is the cost.

Shopping for a title loan can be an intimidating process, but it is necessary if you want to find the best deal. 

This means avoiding a simple search for the closest location and taking some time the find the best option from a reputable lender.

A quote or estimate from multiple lenders will help ensure you don’t overpay for the loan.

Finding the best place to get a title loan can save you a significant amount of money in saved interest. 

It is also critical to avoiding the negative experiences that some title loan companies are known for. 

Credit Requirements

One of the benefits of a title loan is that your car is your credit. Therefor, a good credit score or lengthy credit history is not required to get the best title loan.

Credit requirements for Car Title Loans - a range of scores on smartphone screens. Very poor, poor, fair, good, excellent.
Vehicle value is more important than credit score.

Are Credit Checks Required?

Car title loans are secured by the vehicle. This makes them easy to get approved for. It also removes the need for a hard inquiry on your credit report (for most lenders). It is important to note that some lenders do perform credit checks. They will need your permission to do so.

Regardless, if a no credit check title loan is important to you, make sure to check with your lender. Vehicle value is important to determine the loan amount. This makes getting car title loans with no income verification possible.

Options for Online Car Title Loans

Online title loans are now available in many states. There are different types, including both with inspection, and without inspection. It is possible to get car title loans completely online title loan with no store visit or inspection

These do not require any visit to a brick and mortar lender. The entire process, from application to funding, is completed online. Sometimes this is what is called an instant online title loan.

Online Car Title Loan Options - 1. Online title loans, 2. no inspection title loans, 3. No phone call title loans.
Online Car Title Loan Options include No Inspection and No Phone Calls.

There are multiple other online title loan options. Choose the one that best fits your situation.

Online Options and Title Loans Near You

If you find an online title loan company that does business in your state, then the need to find a title loan near you is no longer nearly as important. Different states do have different regulations. Getting a title loan in Miami Florida is very different from a title loan in Dallas Texas, for example.

Better yet, if the lender offers title loans completely online with no store visit, then the location is irrelevant. This means you can focus on finding the best car title loan and not the car title loan closest to you.

Car Title Loan Repayment Terms

Typical repayment terms range anywhere from 30 day to several years. As we have written about several times, these loans are short term solutions.

They are not meant to be long term loans. Making a car title loan too long results in a very expensive loan.

Calendar next to costs graph - consider total loan cost.
Consider Total Loan Cost when choosing a Repayment Term.

Focus on Total Loan Cost

They key to finding the right loan term is to focus on the total loan cost; not just the monthly payment.

Some lenders try to get you to focus on only the monthly payment and agree to a loan with a total loan cost that is 3-5+ times more than the original principal. Find a loan amount, payment, and term that works for you.

If you are already stuck in a loan with unfavorable terms you may be able to do something about it. There are ways to pay off your title loan fast and also a title loan refinance to reduce the monthly payment.

Additional Resources:

A car title loan is designed to be a short term financial solution.  Fast Title Lenders has made it a priority to inform customers, based on our real world experience, by providing relevant and related car title loan information 24/7. 

There is an abundance of inaccurate and/or out of date information sources on the internet today. This can cause a significant amount of confusion for those searching for the best car title loan.

Unfortunately some of these sources are published on purpose in an attempt to confuse search engines and simply make no sense to potential customers searching for accurate information.

You have probably run into these in your search for real and useful information related to car title loans.

A good source of unbiased information on steps to take before getting a loan can be found here:!what-to-do

We do our best to provide articles and pages that inform customers; and provide real information, including both the good and the bad.  Additionally check our Frequently Asked Questions page for information.

Too often lenders try to take advantage of borrowers with no other option and they end up trapped in a long term financial problem instead of solution. 

This usually happens when the borrower does not understand the loan terms and/or how the loan actually works.  

Make sure you understand the costs associated with any loan before agreeing to one. These costs can get excessive, especially when trying to make the loan longer than necessary.