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Fast Title Lenders > How to get a Fast Online Title Loan – Bottlenecks Explained

How to get a Fast Online Title Loan – Bottlenecks Explained

Preparation for fast loan

An online title loan can be a quick and easy way to borrow money to solve a short term cash flow shortage. These shortages can be caused by any of life’s unexpected expenses such as an appliance breaking, a medical bill, car repair, or a long list of other necessities.

When considering an online title loan, time is often a key driver. If time is of the essence for your situation, we’ll cover some important facts in this post. So how can you make sure to get a fast online title loan? What are some of the items to consider to help ensure you receive the funds as soon as possible?

Fast Online Title Loans - time to fund with a red arrow from Apply to Funding.
A fast online loan is sought after for those with urgent expenses.

The Online Title Loan Bottlenecks

Prior to applying for an online title loan make sure you understand where the potential bottlenecks are, and more specifically, how to avoid them.

What do we mean by bottleneck? We mean a part of the process where it has stalled and is delayed. If time is critical and one of the main reasons you chose an online title loan, then you’ll want to make sure to avoid any potential bottlenecks that may slow the funding of your loan.

Common online title loan bottlenecks include approval and loan agreement
Common title loan bottlenecks can be avoided by preparing and understanding how title loans work.

Making sure you avoid these can help ensure your loan is kept moving quickly to get the funds you need; regardless of which lender you decide to move forward with.

This is how to ensure you get a fast online title loan. Let’s look at parts of the online title loan process where bottlenecks may occur; and then we can address how to avoid them – preparation.

Title Loan Bottleneck 1 – Approval

The first common online title loan bottleneck occurs at the loan approval. This can be for several reasons, most related to either incomplete or insufficient information from the borrower.

There are title loan requirements that must be met prior to approval. When applying make sure to include all information to demonstrate you meet these requirements. Any missing information, or supporting information, can cause a delay in the approval process.

Another part of the approval process is the assigning of a value to your vehicle. To do this effectively, the lender needs clear and detailed pictures of your vehicle. Learn how to take pictures for a virtual appraisal.

In addition, make sure to provide your vehicle information, including any information or documentation relating to its condition such as service records or aftermarket equipment.

Title Loan Bottleneck 2 – Loan Agreement

Reading the loan agreement, in full, and agreeing with every term and condition in the agreement is a requirement prior to loan funding. It is essential to read the agreement in full.

Make sure you understand how interest is charged, what fees can be charged an how, what constitutes a default and how to cure one, payment methods accepted, and any other term and condition that will govern how you repay the loan.

Learning how title loans work, how interest is calculated, how vehicles are valued, can make it easier to read and understand a title loan agreement.

Preparation and Lender Choice

If you’ve read any of our previous posts or information, you know by now we emphasize preparation and choosing a lender. These are the best ways to avoid any unnecessary delays with your online title loan.

Title Loan preparation helps avoid delays
Prepare properly to avoid unnecessary delays and ensure you find the best title lender.

Properly preparing for the loan helps to avoid any unnecessary delays. Additionally, preparation also helps with the following:

  1. Finding the best title loan
  2. Having complete information for applying
  3. Determining the optimal loan amount
  4. Understanding the associated costs

With an urgent financial need some borrowers may rush into a title loan. This is understandable, but not recommended and can lead to a loan with less than ideal repayment terms. For those that may already be stuck in one of these loans consider refinancing the loan to reduce costs.

Additionally, applying with incomplete information can actually slow down the process and even limit the max loan amount.

For example, car title loans completely online with no inspection require clear and complete vehicle pictures. Taking a few minutes to take clear and detailed pictures can have an effect on the maximum loan amount.

More information about preparing for an online title loan can be found in our preparation section. This includes instructions on the following key preparation steps:

  1. Taking vehicle pictures
  2. Gathering required information
  3. Choosing the optimal loan term
  4. Finding the best title loan company

By combining the best title loan company with having all relevant information ready at the time of applying you can reduce the time it takes to complete the loan and ensure all unnecessary bottlenecks and delays are avoided.

Understanding a Virtual Appraisal

A major difference between an online loan versus and in-person loan is the appraisal. For an in-person loan the appraisal is completed by the lender actually seeing and physically inspecting the vehicle.

3d virtual vehicle on a touchscreen with appraisal numbers
Online Title Loans require a Virtual appraisal instead of a physical inspection.

For an online title loan, this appraisal is virtual. The lender must use pictures to judge a vehicle’s condition. This adds a bit of complexity, so preparing for this can have an effect on the maximum loan amount.

It is usually best to take clear and detailed pictures of your vehicle when applying for an online title loan. This is especially important for title loans without the car where the lender won’t see the vehicle in person. Think about what you would want to see if you were deciding whether or not to buy a vehicle online without seeing it.

Online Title Loan Funding

Most lenders offer multiple funding methods for online title loans. When preparing for the loan you can also decide on which funding method makes the most sense for your situation.

  1. Direct Deposit – an online title loan with direct deposit into your checking account is an easy way to have your loan funded. It can take a day or two for most banks to make the funds available. Check with your lender and your bank to get an exact time.
  2. Paper check – a paper check mailed to your home is also an option. The speed of this depends on how fast the mail takes.
  3. Bank Wire – the fastest method of funding is a bank wire. There is usually a fee associated with this transaction. The funds are available within minutes if the wire is initiated during regular banking hours.

By choosing the funding method that best meets your need you can help ensure you get a fast online title loan.

What about “Instant” Online Title Loans?

A frequent question is what about “instant” or 60-second online title loans? The reality is there is no title loan that is instant and none that can be completed within 60 seconds.

As we’ve stated before, an instant online title loan is really just another term for an online title loan. Even instant approval is a stretch; the lender will need to verify information prior to approving. This will take time. Find out more about how an instant online title loan actually works.

In the best case this can be done in a matter of minutes; but is not instant. Same day title loans are available online, and are fastest when you have prepared properly.


A fast online title loan is possible, depending on your definition of fast. Regardless, you can do your part in ensuring your title loan is as fast as possible by properly preparing.

Doing so will ensure you avoid the most common reasons for having your loan delayed unnecessarily.