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Fast Title Lenders > What Pictures do you need for a Title Loan?

What Pictures do you need for a Title Loan?

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Getting a title loan today can be much different with the increase in availability of completely online options. These online options do require pictures of the vehicle.

The fact is a car title loan is a secured loan. The vehicle is the collateral for the loan, making the car a very important part of the transaction.

Determining Max Loan Amount

One of the key factors of a title loan is the max loan amount. For borrowers, this amount needs to be enough to cover the urgent expense. If it is significantly less, then a title loan will not work for them. So how is the max loan amount determined? The answer is by the vehicle value. Usually it is a percentage, often 50%, of the car’s value.

The next question is how is the car’s value determined? For an in-person title loan this answer is simple – a physical inspection and appraisal by the lender. This process is very similar to when you trade-in a vehicle. The appraiser takes a look at the vehicle, notes the condition, any flaws, aftermarket equipment, etc. and then looks up the value in one of the vehicle valuation guides.

But what about completely online title loans where there is no inspection or appraisal? The lender doesn’t actually get a chance to see the vehicle in person, so this is where pictures come in.

When you think about it this process is also similar to the process used by car dealers to purchase vehicles from consumers online. The ability to accurately appraise a vehicle without actually seeing it in person requires clear and accurate pictures. So what pictures do you need for a title loan?

Car Pictures for a Title Loan

Vehicle pictures are a very important part of any completely online title loan with no inspection. As stated, pictures convey the vehicle’s condition to the appraiser, or in this case the virtual appraiser. There are several different types of vehicles pictures required for a title loan.

Exterior Pictures

The lender will likely ask for a series of exterior pictures. This will include the front, both sides, the rear, and all four corners. These pictures should provide a clear depiction of the car’s condition. Think about if you were purchasing a car online without seeing it in person; what would you want to see?

Taking Exterior pictures for title loans

Interior Pictures

The lender will also ask for interior pictures. This will include the front seats, dash, rear seats, and cargo area. Again, the pictures should provide a clear depiction of the vehicle’s condition. To get the most accurate appraisal prepare for taking vehicle pictures.

Taking Interior pictures for title loans

Mechanical Pictures

The mechanical condition of the vehicle is another important aspect of the valuation. This is difficult to portray through pictures. Lenders may ask for a picture of under the hood and pictures of the tires.

Vehicle Data Pictures

There are a few more items that the lender would usually collect during an in person inspection that will also need to be included in what pictures are needed for a title loan. These include the Vehicle Identification Number, Inspection Sticker, and Vehicle Mileage.


Preparation for an online title loan is a necessary part of the process and when done thoroughly can save time. Taking vehicle pictures is a part of that process. The pictures required to get a title loan without bringing in the vehicle include:

  1. Exterior – All four sides
  2. Interior – Front, rear, and cargo area
  3. VIN
  4. Odometer showing the mileage