A Reputable Title Loan Company

Fast Title Lenders, building a reputable Title Loan Company.Building a reputable title loan company:

We started Fast Title Lenders to provide consumers with a more affordable, transparent, and reputable title loan company.  We are here to provide an alternative to the car title loan companies that charge very high interest rates and treat their customers poorly.  Most of us have either had a title loan at one point, or know someone who has.  We believe that a car title loan should be a solution to a short term financial problem; not the beginning of more problems.

As we built our business model, we researched the industry, interviewed previous and current title loan customers and employees, read hundreds of customer reviews, and read hundreds of employee reviews of other title lenders.  We noticed patterns almost immediately that quickly showed the flaws in the industry and set out to create a better title loan company.

Typically, when a market becomes saturated with competition, prices decrease as a result.  Despite multiple competing title lenders in the same area, often within walking distance from each other, we found the majority were charging the state maximum interest rates.  This was surprising, so we decided to open and charge a fraction of the maximum allowed rate to give customers an alternative.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide our customers with emergency cash when they need it, at the lowest interest rates currently available, with the best customer service.  Most title lenders say the same thing and advertise "low rates".  In our case it is actually true.  We provide the cheapest title loans at the best interest rates available to us.

There are no hidden fees, no tricks, and no hidden agendas.  We are as transparent as possible.  When you call us to ask us what interest rate we charge, we will give you a definitive answer.  The car Title Loan Calculator on our website shows you exactly what we charge.  We do not make up a reason to give you a different number when you come visit us.  For Virginia residents, we even pay the lien fee for you.

How we operate:

We do not lend more than 50% of the Fair Market Value of the vehicle.  This is a Virginia law, and helps ensure your title loan is affordable.  As a VA Licensed title loan company, we follow all laws and regulations.

We offer our customers after hours, Sunday, and Holiday appointments to accommodate those who cannot make it during our office hours.  This means we are open on Sunday if you need us to be.  We realize many people have hectic schedules and our policy is to be as accommodating as possible.  Financial stress is difficult, and we help our customers find a way to solve their short term financial difficulties.  We treat all of our customers like people, not a revenue source.  If we think their is a better option than a title loan, we will tell you and recommend it.


Finally, we do not sell or share your information with any third parties that will try to sell you something.  We protect our customers privacy.  One of the common complaints we heard from customers is that once they applied for a loan the telemarketing calls started.  We suggest reading everything in detail before signing anything.  We do not check your credit; nor do we report any of your transactions with us to any credit agencies.

If you need a Title Loan, don't hesitate to give us a call.  We'll do our best to answer all your questions, earn your business, and provide you with the best title loan possible.