What is a Title Loan?

What is a Title Loan? – A Title Loan is a way for you to borrow money using the equity in your vehicle as collateral. Title Loans are generally simple loans where you pledge your vehicle to secure the loan, and the lender bases the amount you can borrow on the vehicle’s value. There are two main types of title … Read More

Should I Join a Warehouse Club?

Does it make sense to pay money to a store just for the privilege of shopping there?  Some might think that ‘s crazy and a colossal waste of money that could be spent shopping elsewhere.  But the truth is: over a hundred million people do it!  Could it be right for you?  That is what we examine today. The main … Read More

How to use a Truth in Lending Statement to shop for Title Loans.

A “Truth in Lending Statement” is a statement informing consumers of the actual cost of credit.  This is important because it allows you to compare the actual cost of different types of credit, different lenders, and different loan types.  Usually, on the first page of your loan agreement, you will notice a table with four cells on the first line. … Read More

Why is speeding dumb?

Unless your child has just been bitten by a mountain lion, and you are the driving to the nearest hospital to potentially save his life, speeding is dumb!  Granted, we live in one of the most traffic congested areas of the country, and frustration is the norm – but speeding is not the solution.  How many times have you had … Read More

Vegetable Garden for Less than $1.00

Spring is taking its time arriving this year, but there is something you can do right now to start producing your own vegetables this summer. And you can begin your garden for less than $1.00. You don’t have to buy those seed starter kits that cost too much and aren’t really necessary. Simply take a left over egg crate and … Read More

How to get the most for your trade-in.

If you are in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle and plan on trading in your current vehicle, here are a few tips to help you get the highest value for your trade in. Clean your vehicle or have it cleaned prior to going to the dealership.  This might seem obvious but many people don’t. Know what your … Read More

What is my Car Really Worth?

If your thinking about trading in your car, purchasing full coverage insurance, or selling your car, it is important to know what it is really worth.  Having a vehicle with a large amount of equity can also be a financial safety net for emergencies.  To understand what your vehicle is really worth you first need to understand how vehicles are … Read More

“I’ll Take Water Please”

A very simple and effective way to save money is to forego the soft drink when you are dining out, especially at fast food places. Most of the time, these drinks are $2-3 which can add up significantly over time. Let’s say you eat out 5 times a week, and skip the drinks, you can save $50 a month. Invest … Read More

Grand Opening!

Fast Title Lenders is proud to announce our Grand Opening March 25th!  Let us know what you think about our site, rates, appointments, or anything else on your mind.