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How to Refinance a Car Title Loan

Refinance Title Loan

Refinancing a title loan is fairly straightforward. It does depend on what state you reside in, the vehicle, existing loan balance, and the lender. Getting a title loan refinance starts with an online inquiry.

Why would you need to Refinance a Title Loan?

Car title loans can be, and often are, expensive forms of credit. The fact that interest rates and total costs for these loans vary widely from lender to lender means that some borrowers may end up with very expensive loans. This leaves many borrowers asking how to refinance a title loan to save on repayment costs.

While these loans are meant for very short terms, some lenders are making the terms longer. In some cases several years. Add high interest rates to longer terms and costs can get excessive. In some cases the repayment amount can be five or more times the original amount borrowed.

Urgent Expenses and Rushing

Part of the reason this happens is that many times these loans are used for urgent and emergency expenses. Often borrowers perform a simple web search for title loans near them and rush to the closest title loan place without exploring other lending options.

The urgent nature of the unplanned expense can override the thought of taking time to find the best possible title loan. Sometimes borrowers don’t take the time to read the loan agreement in full and in some cases regret entering into a loan agreement with unfavorable terms.

Cash versus time on a scale, with a lower interest rate and payment for  a title loan refinance.
Take the time to find the best title loan company for a title loan refinance. With the urgent financial need out of the way, if you rushed into the first loan a refinance gives you the opportunity to correct this.

This can and often does lead to rushing into the loan without fully examining the repayment terms. In fact, unfortunately some lenders count on this.

In the worst cases this results in a very expensive loan with excessive interest charges. This can make the loan very difficult to repay and is not a great position to be in as a borrower.

Getting stuck in one of these loans can cause financial difficulties, especially if the loan is for more than a month or two. Finding a way to reduce the cost is important in these cases.

One way to do this is to consider refinancing. This is where you can take the time needed to find the best solution. First, we need to know if refinancing is even an option.

Can I Refinance my Title Loan?

A common question for borrowers that did rush into a high interest loan is can you refinance a title loan?

The answer is yes, you can refinance a title loan as long as your state permits it. There are also other options like an auto equity loan in some situations where refinancing may not be available.

This is good news for those that may have rushed into the title loan place closest to them without thinking about the total repayment costs. There is a way to lower your payment and total cost if you rushed into a title loan with a very high rate. If you still own your vehicle a title loan refinance is an option.

Refinancing a High Interest Title Loan

Getting stuck in a high interest title loan is not ideal. Finding out you’ve spent months paying hundreds of dollars a month and still owe as much as you borrowed can be very frustrating.

One way to reduce your monthly payment, and total interest charges, is to refinance your title loan. If you do so with a lower rate, and a better title loan company, the savings can be significant.

Refinancing a car title loan can save hundreds of dollars a month. It is important to note that not all states allow car title loans to be refinanced. Each state has different rules and regulations.

How to get a Title Loan Refinance

Getting a title loan refinance is similar to getting a title loan. The process and requirements are very similar, so if you have already been through the process once then refinancing should be fairly easy. We suggest following the same steps:

  1. Prepare for the loan,
  2. Find the best title loan company,
  3. Meet the requirements,
  4. Apply online,
  5. Complete the agreement, and
  6. Get the loan funded.

If you rushed into your first loan, now is the chance to take the time needed to make sure you get the best deal possible. Preparing properly will hep ensure this is the case.

Preparation Steps

If you’ve read any of our information about getting a title loan then you are already aware of the emphasis we place on preparation.

Proper preparation, especially for online loans, helps ensure you make the best decision for your situation as well as reduces the chance of unnecessary delays.

Part of this preparation is making sure you meet the requirements. For refinancing a title loan the first step is a bit different. We suggest making sure refinancing the title loan is worth it before moving forward with one.

Title Loan Refinance Requirements

"Refinance" on a calculator screen with "How much can I save" written on the enter button.
Refinancing a Car Title loan can result in a significant savings.

To refinance a car title loan, you will need to meet some general requirements.

The usually include owning the vehicle, having insurance, a source of income, and a valid drivers license. To see if refinancing your title loan is an option, simply find a lender with a lower rate and contact them.

Finding the Best Title Loan Company

The other part of preparation is finding the best title loan company. In the case of a title loan refinance this is the company that will provide you with the best deal based on your current and future needs. A couple of questions to consider are:

  1. Are there addition funds needed, or a simple refinance?
  2. Which lender can provide the best deal (largest savings)?

Take some time and inquire with several lenders and find the one that offers the best deal for your specific requirements.

Just like with getting a car title loan, the lender is an important part of refinancing your title loan. Take some time, do you research, and choose a lender that best meets your needs.

If the reason you need to refinance is because you rushed into a title loan with the nearest lender, then don’t make the same mistake. Find one of the best title loan places and contact them about refinancing your loan.

Car title loans often have a bad reputation. Unfortunately, the actions of some lenders have gained title loans this reputation and is not representative of the entire industry.

There are plenty of good lenders. Finding a title loan with better rates and terms is possible. With the urgent expense out of the way take the time needed to find the best solution and always read the loan agreement in full.

Apply Online and Complete the Refinance Agreement

Once you’ve prepared, confirmed you meet the requirements, and found the best deal, then simply apply online for the title loan refinance. You will usually be approved quickly.

After approval you’ll be presented with a title loan agreement to read and sign. Make sure to read the agreement in full and ensure you understand all terms and conditions.

Title Loan Refinance Payment Dates

Some title loans have payment dates that do not necessary coincide with paychecks. One advantage of refinancing your title loan is you can do so with a date that is more convenient.

Payment due date for a title loan refinance
If you refinance your title loan align the payment due date so it is convenient for you.

Sometimes it can be easier to pick a date to complete the process that lines up with your typical pay period. This can make it more convenient to make your payments on time.

What if my State doesn’t allow Refinancing?

If you live in a state that does not allow you to refinance your title loan you may need to close out the current loan before getting another one.

If you are stuck in a very high interest loan and want to lower your payments, first get a few quotes from other lenders. Use these quotes to determine how much you can save with another title loan with a lower rate.

If the amount you can save is significant, consider asking a friend or family member to lend you the money to close out the current loan so you can open a new loan at a lower interest rate.


Rushing in to a title loan can often lead to a very high interest loan with terms that are not optimal for the borrower. It may be possible to refinance your title loan at a lower rate.

This is certainly worth looking into if you feel like you are overpaying for your current title loan.

Additional Questions

Can you Refinance a Title Loan?

Yes, in many cases you can refinance a title loan to reduce your payment amount and/or total loan cost. This depends on several factors including the state, existing loan balance, and vehicle value.

How do you Refinance a Title Loan?

To proceed with a title loan refinance simply find the lender you want to do business with, apply online, and complete the process.

What is my Car Worth?

Vehicle value is a key detail in determining whether or not you can refinance a title loan. Loan amounts are based on vehicle value. If you haven’t done so recently take a few minutes to figure out what your car is worth.

Is Refinancing a Title Loan Worth It?

The fact is refinancing a title loan is worth it in some cases and in others it’s not. Making the decision to move forward depends on how much you’ll save.