Title Loan Pros and Cons

title loan pros and cons

Title Loan Pros and Cons – All loans have pros and cons. Title loans are no different. There are both advantages and disadvantages to getting a title loan. This article details the title loan pros and cons and, perhaps just as useful, how to mitigate most of the cons. Additionally we cover what most articles don’t, the title lender. First, we need to know what are car title loans?

Car Title Loans are an easy way to borrow money using your vehicle’s equity. Simply put, you borrow money, fast, using your car as collateral for the loan. The ability to get cash quickly with very little underwriting has made them popular among consumers without other credit options or without the time to wait for other loan type to be approved.

You visit or contact a title lender, complete a short application and loan agreement, and your loan is funded. This all happens very fast, in our case as little as 30 minutes. We specialize in fast title loans and have streamlined our process to make it as easy as possible.

As with all credit types, there are title loan pros and cons related to completing the loan process. It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a title loan before deciding to apply for one. We examine the pros and cons associated with car title loans, as well as the car title lender. This list includes the items lenders won’t tell you about, like aggressive collection methods.

Car Title Loan Pros and Cons:

First, we’ll the the pros (advantages) related to car title loans. These are benefits that may make a car title loan a valid choice. Following the pros, we’ll cover the cons (disadvantages); and more importantly, how to reduce them.


Most articles related to title loans focus on the negatives; there are, however, some positives associated with title loans. Title loans do include some advantages over other types of loans and title loan alternatives. These assume you find a reputable lender, which can be a difficult process. We’ll provide some tips about finding a trustworthy lender following the list of title loan pros and cons.

Pro 1 – Speed: Title Loans are Fast

Fast Online Approval

Car Title Loans can be obtained quickly, often the same day and sometimes in as little as 30 minutes. For those that need cash fast, this is a significant benefit. Most other loans take days or weeks to process and fund. Worse, you may spend days or weeks only to be denied the loan and have to start back at square one. Some online title loans also take days and sometimes weeks to fund. This is a bit ironic since many of them are advertised as Instant online title loans. If the time to fund is important to you make sure to verify with the lender the actual time it takes from the time you apply to the time your loan is funded.

Pro 2 – Convenience: Title Loans are Easy

Title Loans are very easy to apply for, be approved, and complete. As long as you have the paperwork needed you can get a title loan simply by visiting a local lender with your vehicle and documentation. Title Loan requirements are fairly straightforward, and are easy to understand. There is no credit check and the loan is secured by your vehicle. This makes the underwriting process very simple.

Pro 3 – No Disruption: You keep driving your car

Another benefit of a title loan is you get to keep driving your car. With a title loan you retain ownership and use of your vehicle, so there is no disruption to your regular form of transportation. Make sure you read the title loan agreement in detail to ensure you are not required to purchase any additional vehicle warranty or roadside assistance products. This ties back to finding a reputable lender.

Pro 4 – No Credit Check: Multiple Advantages

Many title lenders, including Fast Title Lenders, do not check credit scores or pull credit reports. This means no hard inquiry on your credit report and no transaction reported to credit bureaus. This is important to those looking to improve their credit. Most, if not all, other loans will require a credit check. Some title lenders also check credit so make sure you check with your lender first before applying.

Car Title Loan Pros and Cons – Cons:

Car title loans have a number of disadvantages when compared to other forms of credit that you should take in to consideration. Title loans do have a negative stigma attached to them, and unfortunately this is not for no reason. Some of the disadvantages are inherent to the type of loan, and some can be mitigated by finding a reputable lender. Unfortunately, the industry is led by lenders that take advantage of consumers with few options, and squeeze every dollar they can out of those who can least afford it. We’ll provide some tips on how to avoids lenders using these predatory tactics. Fortunately, there are other lenders in the space now providing competition for the larger, more expensive lenders.

Con 1 – Very High Interest:

Car Title Loans have high interest rates when compared to other types of credit. Many lenders charge very high interest rates, meaning rates over 100% APR, with some as high as 300% APR. This has led to many asking are title loans bad? It is important to understand how much a very high interest loan like this will cost. As an example, a 12 month loan for $2,000.00 with a 160% APR will cost over $4,600.00 to repay. You will need to ask yourself is it worth paying $4,600.00 to borrow $2,000.00?

Con 2 – Excessive Fees:

Some title loans can have excessive fees ranging from loan origination fees, lien fees, late fees, and others. In some cases the fees can increase the loan repayment amount significantly. Again, this is why it is important to read the loan agreement and understand the fees associated with the loan.

Con 3 – Aggressive Collection Tactics:

This is never mentioned by the lender, and some states have laws preventing some of the collection methods some title lenders use, but before getting a title loan it is important to understand what they are. When you apply for a title loan, the lender will usually ask for you work address and phone number, as well as several phone numbers and addresses of references. Be aware that some lenders have been know to contact your employer and references in an attempt to collect a late payment. Not all lenders follow these practices, so be sure to ask when applying for the loan.

Con 4 – Repossession: Your car can be repossessed

A default on a title loan can result in repossession. One of the title loan myths is that lenders would rather repossess your car than have you make the payments. To retrieve your car, you will have to pay the loan in full, plus outstanding interest, fees, and repossession costs. In some cases this may be more than the car is worth, as the interest and fees may be extensive. Additionally, depending on the laws in your state you may or may not be entitled to the surplus, if there is any, following the sale of your vehicle. If you decide to get a title loan, make sure you can afford the payments to avoid this situation.

Car Title Loan Pros and Cons – How to Mitigate Cons:

Car title loans have pros and cons. The pros are good and you will want to keep those when you get a title loan. The cons are negative and you will want to either avoid, or mitigate (reduce) the effect of them on your loan experience. The good news is every con we have mentioned in this article can be mitigated.

The single biggest way to mitigate the cons (disadvantages) related to a title loan is to find, and do business with, a reputable lender that treats their customers fairly.

Mitigating High Interest Rates:

To mitigate the title loan con of high interest rates, find a lender that charges a reasonable rate. What is a reasonable rate for a title loan? In our opinion, any rate over 10% per month is excessive. We charge 8% per month, which is low for the industry, so it is possible to find lenders that charge these types of rates.

Mitigating Excessive Fees:

This mitigation strategy is the same as the previous. Find a decent lender that does not charge excessive fees. Even better, find the best title loan company that charges no fees.

Mitigating Aggressive Collection Tactics:

Again, choosing your lender will mitigate this risk. Some lenders are know for aggressive collection tactics, some are not. Finding a reputable lender will help determine how they collect.

Finding a reputable lender used to be as simple as reading their reviews online. The lenders with poor reputations had enough poor reviews with customers complaining about excessive interest, fees, and aggressive collection tactics including visiting their employer. Unfortunately, lenders found a way around this. Now they persuade customer to leave a review online at the time of the loan funding, before the customer has had any real experience with the lender. By the time the borrower deals with the lender and makes a few payments, they have a better idea of how the lender operates by cannot go back and change their review

Fortunately, there are still a few ways to find a lender’s reputation. One is Ripoff Report. Simply visit them and search for the lender, and read the reviews. Another is the Better Business Bureau. Read some of the reviews from these sites to find out if your local lender is reputable.

If you find a lender that charges a reasonable rate, no or low fees, and provides decent customer service you will have significantly lessened the impact of the negative factors related to a title loan.

Car Title Loan Pros and Cons – Conclusion:

Title Loans have pros and cons just like any other loan. In some cases, the cons outweigh the pros. In some cases, lenders contribute the the biggest disadvantages related to a title loan. The easiest way to minimize the effects of the negative characteristics of a title loan is by choosing a transparent lender that charges reasonable rates and no fees.