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Arizona Car Title Loans

Arizona Car Title Loans

Car Title Loan are widely available in Arizona. There are lenders is just about every city in addition to online title loan companies. This makes getting a title loan in Arizona very easy for most with a car with equity.

Additionally, classic car title loans are also widely available in Arizona as a result of the many classic car auctions that call the state home.

What is a Title Loan?

We always take a minute to explain what a title loan is for those that aren’t familiar. A car title loan is a way to borrow money using the existing equity in a vehicle as collateral for the loan.

Car title loans are secured by the vehicle so credit scores are not important. This also means you can lose the vehicle should you default on the loan. This makes planning for the title loan, and making sure you can afford the loan critical.

Classic Car Title Loans In Arizona

Some of the nation’s biggest and most attended classic car auctions happen every year in Arizona. This includes Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, and other cities. Each year the state holds some of the most prestigious car auctions with buyers and sellers from around the country.

Arizona classic car auctions
Arizona is home to some of the largest Classic and Collector car auctions.

Many car title loan companies have year cutoffs on the vehicles they will provide title loans for. For example, 2005 and newer is often a requirement. Fast Title Lenders believes the value of the vehicle is important, not the year it was manufactured.

If you’re familiar with some of the classic car auctions in Arizona then you’ve seen the real value many of these collector cars have. They can be worth far more than a new vehicle.

How to get the Best Title Loan in Arizona

As always, when you need cash quickly, it is tempting to simply visit the closest title loan place or the first search result. This is where many borrowers make a mistake. They assume that all title lenders are the same which couldn’t be further form the truth.

As we’ve mentioned many times, and written about many times, preparation is key to getting the best title loan regardless of which state.

Best Title Loans in Arizona
Find the Best Title Loans in Arizona.

Taking sometime to find out how to get the best title loan can help save both time and money. It can also help avoid a potentially disastrous situation as a result of a bad decision about a title loan.

Interest rates and fees vary widely from lender to lender so it is important to make sure you find the best solution for your specific situation. Do not assume all lenders charge the same rates.

Online Title Loans

For online title loans follow the same preparation steps. We have published numerous articles on how to get the best online title loan and what is required. The main difference is vehicle pictures. These allow the lender to appraise the vehicle without seeing it in person.

Classic Cars in Storage

Many classic car owners keep their vehicles in storage and rarely drive them. In these cases you may be looking for an online title loan for a classic car without needing to show the vehicle. These are possible assuming:

  1. You own and have access to the vehicle
  2. Have a lien free title
  3. Have the ability to repay the loan

Simply apply for an online title loan with no inspection. There is usually no need to bring the vehicle to the lender; instead you can upload vehicle pictures. In the case of classic cars this should not be a problem. If it is a collector car you probably already have pictures of the vehicle that can be easily uploaded when necessary.

Arizona Car Title Loan Costs

In our opinion the cost of the title loan is the most important part of the loan agreement to focus on. The challenge many borrowers encounter, for places in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and other cities in Arizona, is getting an accurate quote and/or estimate from a lender.

One of the questions we get frequently is ‘why did the cost change when I visited the lender?’. We don’t have a great answer to that question; other than choose a different lender.

If you communicate with a lender and they change any terms when you visit them or go to complete the loan agreement online, then simply walk away and choose another lender.


Not all title lenders operate the same way and unfortunately some of the tactics that gained some lenders their reputations are still used today. The good news is there are plenty of decent lenders, including some in Arizona, so you should not have a problem getting a title loan in Arizona with a reasonable payment.