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Car Title Loans by State

If you are shopping for a title loan you probably noticed that every state treats them differently. In fact, some sates do not permit title loans at all. 

This can complicate your effort to find the best title loan if you find a lender that does not operate in your state. Finding out the title loan laws in your state is essential to finding the best title loan. 

Title Loans by State
Title Loans work differently depending on which state you live in.

Online Title Loan Complications

Getting an online title loan may seem like it shouldn’t matter where you are located if the lender is online. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. 

States still regulate title loan companies that make title loans online. This further adds to the difficulty when shopping for an online title loan. 

Some borrowers may apply with a lender only to find out they are not able to make loans to residents of their state. 

To help simplify this we put together a summary of how title loans are treated in each state. There are three high level categories:

  1. States that permit title loans.
  2. States that explicitly forbid title loans.
  3. States that do not allow title loans, but have other similar loans.

Each State is Different:

Each state has different regulations related to the length of the loan, interest rates, fees, and other requirements. 

Below is a summary of which states allow title loans and some general information about how each state’s regulations relating to title loans.  

Some states do not allow title loans but do allow other loans which lenders use to provide loans resembling title loans.  

There are also states that allow title loans, but with restrictions that result in very few title lenders operating there (or none at all).  

What States Allow Title Loans:

The first category is states that allow car title loans. Title lenders operate in these states and include the following states:

States that do not Allow Title Loans

The following states do not allow Title Loans:


States that Provide other Loans

The final category is states that provide similar loans to car title loans. They often even call them car title loans, but are not regulated by the state as a title loan. 

California, for example, has a number of title lenders offering title loans in California. These lenders require loans with a minimum of $2501 to avoid being regulated by the rules that govern most small loans in California.