Types of Online Title Loans

With more people shopping for online title loans it makes sense to get an understanding of the different types of online title loans and how they work.

There are several different types of online title loans, some of which are what we call ‘partial’ online title loans. These are where there is an in-person requirement.

This in-person requirement can be an inspection, appraisal, and full loan processing (signing the loan agreement). For purposes of this post we’re going to focus on the different types of completely online title loans.

Online title loan types
There are several different types of online title loans.

These are the loans where there is no in-person component. This Meaning no inspection and no store visit. No visit by the lender or their representative either. You can complete these loans 100% online with no need to visit a store, inspector, appraiser, or any other visit.

These loans are work very similar. The first step is getting approved. To accomplish this you need to submit a brief application with some vehicle information. This vehicle information includes detailed pictures.

Not sure how to take pictures for an online title loan? Read our guide on taking pictures for an online title loan to ensure there is no delay in the application and approval process.

Completely Online Title Loans

A completely online title loan is one that can be initiated online to begin the process. In many cases the entire process, from application to loan funding, can be done over the internet without ever needing to leave home.

This is not the case for all states and all lenders, however, and in some cases you may be required to sign documentation in person.

Completely Online Title Loans No Inspection

Prior to online title loans the vehicle inspection or appraisal was an important part of the process. The fact that title loans are based on vehicle value makes an accurate appraisal of the condition an important factor to determining the max loan amount.

This is still the case, only with a completely online title loan with no inspection the appraisal is done virtually. This is similar to may car buying services and even online car sales.

With detailed pictures and a vehicle history report it is possible to accurately appraise a vehicle without actually seeing the car. This means that yeas it is possible to get a title loan without bringing the vehicle in.

Online Title Loans no Phone Calls

Some borrowers and title loan customers prefer not to have a phone call as part of the process. This can be for various reasons. The most common of which include:

  1. Not having time during the day to talk to a lender (work related)
  2. Some lenders can try to use sales tactics that many borrowers prefer not to deal with

It is certainly possible to get an online title loan without a phone call as long as you can transmit all required information online either by uploading or through email.

Additionally a short phone call is often used to verify the information in your application is complete and accurate. You will need to provide another method to do so which can be email or text.

Instant Online Title Loans

There are also plenty of lenders advertising instant online title loans. These are simply completely online title loans that can be funded quickly. Some have fast, or close to instant, approval. However, funding does take some time.

24/7 Title Loans
Online Title Loans are available 24hours a day seven days a week.

Monthly Installment Online Title Loans

Many online title loans have monthly payments, or monthly installments. These works the same as any another monthly installment loan. The same amount is due each month as the loan amount is amortized over the loan period.

Monthly Installment Online Title Loans
Monthly Installment Online Title Loans have payments due each Month.

It is important to keep in mind that the longer the loan, the more interest will be accrued. Some title loans have high interest rates and each day of interest can make a difference in the total loan cost. Make a title loan too long and the interest charges can become unreasonable very fast.


There are now several types of online title loans and most likely if you need a title loan you can find one that meets your needs. This includes those without store visits, inspections, phone calls, and credit checks.

Additionally, there are two general types of title loans – single payment and monthly installment. Single payment title loans have one payment due at the end of the loan term. Monthly installment loans are usually amortized over the loan term with equal payments due each month.