Car Title Loans

Car Title Loans are our specialty, allowing us to provide our customers with the lowest interest rates and best customer service.  Fast Title Lenders has been  serving car title loan customers for years and helping our customers with their short term financial needs. Over the years we have improved our process, helping ensure we provide every customer with the right service and the best title loans. Sometimes, a car title loan is not the best option. For a car title loan to be the best solution the borrower should meet the criteria to be a good title loan candidate. 

Car title loans are also known as title pawns, auto title loans, and pink slip loans.  These other names for a car title loan are often used to describe the same, or very similar, car title loan.  We focus on our providing our customers with car title loans using terms they can understand.  This includes same day car title loans.

Unlike other lenders that charge triple digit rates and try to make as much money from every customer as possible, we make sure our customers are happy with the agreement, and, can make the payments without a problem. Ultimately, this leads to a better loan for the customer and a smoother car title loan process.

If you own your vehicle and need a Car Title loan at a better rate, with repayment terms you can meet, you are in the right place

Car Title Loan Experts

During the past several years we have become car title loan experts. We incorporated a number of efficiencies into the car title loan process to make it easier for our customers. We refined our car title loan requirements, streamlined the easy online application. If you are shopping for a car title loan, then you have found the best place to get a title loan and the best title loan company in the nation. 

Get a Better Title Loan:

The Car Title Loan efficiencies we have incorporated into our business model allow us to offer lower interest rates than our competitors, much lower in many cases.  They have also allowed us to decrease application turnaround time and speed up the car title loan process, therefor resulting in fast, rapid title loans. This means same day car title loans.  In most cases the entire process can be completed in about 30 minutes to get you the cash you need quickly.  In short, get a better title loan with us. 

Our car title loan process is fast and easy.  First, apply online by filling out a very easy form.  We suggest getting a estimate from our car title loan calculator.  This will let you decide whether or not you can afford the payment for your desired loan amount. You use your vehicle as collateral for the loan and make monthly payments based on the loan term. Your car is the collateral for the loan, making it important to be able to make your payments on time. 

Discount Car Title Loan Specialists

Fast Title Lenders not only specializes in car title loans, but also pioneered charging lower rates. We offer a number of benefits that make considering a title loan an easier decision. This does not mean a title loan is the right choice for everyone. If you are new to title loans and are not sure if you make a good candidate, read our complete guide to how to get a title loan to find out.   

Car Title Loan benefits:

1. No Credit Check -With a car title loan your car is your credit. Your credit score is not an important factor with a title loan and your score will not be affecting when applying with most lenders. 

2. Fast, Efficient Funding – we built our business model around funding car title loans quickly and making the process easy for the customer. We found the majority of title loan customers need the cash fast for an emergency, unplanned expense, or urgent need. Compared to other loans, title loans are very fast without extensive paperwork requirements. Same day cash in 30 minutes in many cases.

3. Lower Interest – we charge a fraction of the interest that our competitors charge, allowing us to provide the lowest interest title loans.  In some cases less than 1/3 of competitor’s rates. This makes our car title loans much more affordable.  It also allows our customers to borrow what they need.  

4. Easy Payment Options – we provide easy payment options with over the phone and online payment methods available for most loans. For us, this was a simple decision.  While it costs us more in processing fees, it allows our customers to make their payments on time more easily.  Lenders that still make customers pay in cash or by Western Union do not have their customers convenience as a priority. 

5. Cost Transparency – we provide a title loan calculator that allows you to enter a loan amount, term in months, and get an accurate title loan estimate.

6. Information Transparency – we are transparent and provide our customers with an authoritative source of car title loan related information that other companies keep hidden. Read our posts, use our calculator, and learn how title loans work.

Easy Car Title Loans:

Making car title loans easy is another benefit of streamlining the process, lowering costs, and making payments easier. As we incorporated these improvements the entire car title loan process became easier for the borrower. Most title loan customers need emergency cash and do not have time for an extensive drawn out process. We understand the need for same day car title loans. 

Same Day Car Title Loans

Fast Title Lenders specializes in providing same day car title loans for emergency needs. We specialize in same day title loans and in many cases in 30 minutes. Completely Online Title Loans are usually funded the same day; although in some cases may take 24 hours. 

Fast Car Title Loans

We specialize in Fast Title Loans. When you’re ready to move forward we will process your Car Title Loan quickly and get you the cash you need the same day.

Apply now for a car title loan

Ready to apply?  Simply fill out our easy Online Car Title Loan Application.  There is no fee, no credit check, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

get cash for your car title

Once you apply and complete the Car Title Loan process your loan is funded quickly.  In most cases it only takes about 30 minutes. This means same day title loans. 

Best Place to get a Title Loan:

Looking for the best place to get a title loan? The advantages we provide make us the easy choice for your next title loan. Why pay more for the same loan?  If you are considering a title loan then you should understand the related costs; before signing a loan agreement.  Many title loan companies claim to be the best place to get a title loan, do your own comparison and choose the lender that makes the most sense for you. If you are not familiar with the intricacies of title loans read our detailed guide on how title loans work

Car Title Loans the Same Day:

Our low interest rate is one of the main drivers that make us the best place to get a title loan. The low rate results in much better deal for the borrower.  When shopping for a title loan you should find out the interest rate before visiting the lender.  Keep in mind that car title loan interest rates are quoted in monthly terms instead of the more common APR.  This means a 15% monthly rate loan has an APR of 180%.  Our detailed guide on title loan interest explains exactly how interest accrues and is calculated. Further, our car title loan calculator provides a title loan quote.


Car Title Loans Near Me:

Car Title Loans commonly accompany emergencies and finding a title loan near you, or the closest title loan place, may be your first instinct. Often, car title loan customers simply search for “car title loans near me” and visit the closest lender.  This can result in a loan that may not have favorable terms.

Why to Avoid “Car Title Loans Near Me”:

The key reason to avoid a search for “car title loans near me” is the cost of a title loan. Shopping for a car title loan can be an intimidating process, but it is necessary if you want to find the best deal. This means avoid a simple search for car title loans near you and taking some time the find the best title loans. Finding the best place to get a title loan will save you a significant amount of money in saved interest.  It is also critical to avoiding the negative experiences that title loans are known for. 


Best Title Loans:

Finding the right lender with the right solution for you can make the difference between having a good experience that solves your short term financial difficulties and having a bad experience that only compounds your short term problems into a long term issue.  Please take the time to make sure you end up with a solution and not a bigger problem.  Read the information on our site, use our title loan calculator, and get several quotes from several lenders.  Finding the best place for title loans is critical to ensuring your title loan is affordable. 

Title Loan terms and rates can vary significantly from lender to lender making it essential to do your research before signing a loan agreement. Accurate information relating to title loans, how they work, risks and benefits, and costs is key to being able to determine whether or not a title loan can be a solution to your short term financial needs.   Some title loans cannot be refinanced, so getting the best title loan the first time is critical to ensuring your payments are affordable over the loan term.

Additionally, online title loans are now available in several formats. Fast Title Lenders is an online title loan direct lender. This includes:

Completely online title loans, Online title loans with no inspection, and Instant online title loans.  

How much can I borrow, versus How much will this cost?

Most lenders try to keep you focused on the first question when looking for a car title loan, which is usually “how much can I borrow with a title loan?”  While this is important when you have an emergency expense to cover, it is definitely not the only question you need to ask.  Some lenders will keep your attention focused on getting the “maximum” for your car regardless of the cost. Visit title lenders’ sites and you will find plenty “How much Cash can I get” forms promising to get you the most cash for your car. 

The problem with this is most of the time they don’t spend any time on a much more important question, “how much will this cost me?”  When you visit lenders’ sites you won’t find “Here are our costs”, this information can be difficult to decipher.  Use our calculator to help you find out exactly what a loan with us costs. We provide you with a real-time estimate of your monthly payment and the full real time repayment schedule with our Car Title Loan Calculator

As a general rule, if the loan costs you more than double what you borrowed, you are paying too much with a lender charging very high rates.  As an example, a $1,000.00 12  month loan at 96% costs roughly $1,592.34 to repay.  The same loan with a 4 month term costs only $1,217.34 to repay. 

Costs make us the best place to get a title loan:

Many of our competitors, and many title lenders in general, charge the maximum allowable rate.  This varies depending on the state, but is still very high in most states.  By charging lower rates, we can provide our customers with three very important benefits:

  1. The same loan amount with a much lower payment.
  2. A much larger loan amount with the same payment.
  3. You can pay off your loan much faster.
Additionally, by specializing in Title Loans with no pre set limit and and pre set year restriction; this means the focus is on the value of the car and not the year. One of our specialties is higher dollar classic car title loans

What do I need to get a discount Car Title Loan?

Getting a car title loan with Fast Title Lenders is quick and easy.  Just make sure you have a vehicle, a lien free title, a valid drivers license, proof of if insurance, and proof of income.  We require proof of income to ensure our customers can afford their monthly payments.  Once you meet the car title loan requirements you are ready to apply online.

Discount Car Title Loans:

We provide discount car title loans with the lowest payments. Affordable title loans with affordable payments. Before moving forward with a car title loan, it is important to understand how title loan interest works.  Most people do not understand how interest accrues daily, which can lead to not understanding how your day to day balance is calculated. Understanding this helps ensure there are no surprises.  It also helps with understanding how any loan works.  Amortization is not complicated, but does require learning some basic concepts. 

Car Title loan interest is calculated the same way other simple interest loans are calculated.  Interest usually begins accruing the day the loan is initiated, and, like other loans, the longer you keep the loan the more interest you will pay.  If possible, make early payments, extra payments, and repay the title loan in full as soon as possible. 

Ready to move forward?  Fill out the quick and easy online application and we’ll contact you shortly.  Still need more information?  Keep reading…we try to answer all questions about how car title loans work and provide you with the information you need to decide if one is right for you. Find out the truth about title loan alternatives.

Features of finding the Best Title Loan Place:

There are several benefits of getting a car title loan versus other types of loans.  As the best title loan place a few include:

1. Speed – Car title loans are one of the fastest ways to borrow money using your vehicle. Get a fast title loan with us.

2. Privacy – Assuming you choose a decent lender, they will respect your privacy. Make sure to let the lender know privacy is important to you.

3. Credit – No credit check Car Title Loans. We do not require a credit check. Additionally, there is no inquiry on your credit report as a result of applying for a car title loan with us.

4. Easy – The paperwork and related requirements are minimal when compared to other loans. Get an easy title loan with us.

5. Keep your Car – Unlike pawning your car, with a car title loan you keep and continue to drive your car.

Fast Title Loans

Fast Title Loans

Most Title Loans are used for emergency or urgent funding needs when other options are not available. This means a fast title loan is important. Fast Title Lenders specializes in funding loans fast and understand that waiting for a loan to fund is usually not an option. We provide same day title loans at the best rates. While many companies advertise instant online title loans, we let our customers know title loans are not instant, but we do provide fast title loans.

How do I get a Fast Title Loan?

All car title loans are fast compared to most other loans.  Have all of your information ready prior to applying to get a title loan in the shortest amount of time.  This includes your lien free title, drivers license, proof of insurance, and proof of income.  If you have these items in multiple locations, find them and consolidate them into a single file. Have them ready when you apply to get your loan funded as fast as possible.

Additional Resources:

A car title loan is designed to be a short term financial solution.  Fast Title Lenders has made it a priority to educate our customers about title loans by providing up to date, accurate information.  There are too many inaccurate information sources on the internet that are designed to confuse search engines and simply make no sense.  Too often lenders take advantage of those with no other option and they end up trapped in a long term financial problem instead of solution.  This usually happens when the borrower does not understand the loan terms and how title loans actually work.  

Recent Car Title Loan Related Articles:

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